Ozone Tester

Ozone is a powerful oxidizer and a well-documented air pollutant that can also cause respiratory problems. It is used to disinfect surfaces and remove odors but too much can be harmful. Our ozone testers let you easily track ozone levels and ensure compliance with National Ambient Air Quality Standards.

Ozone tester chambers are often used to test the resistance of rubber products and materials to ozone weathering. This is because ozone can react with unsaturated bonds and reducing groups in the chemical structure of plastic materials, leading to oxidative degradation of the material and loss of its value for use. This ozone aging test can be conducted in a controlled environment using an ozone generator and a specialized ozone gas detector to monitor the process.

The ozone meter uses electrochemical technology to detect ozone. It features a wall-mounted water resistant shell and an electrochemical sensor that is factory calibrated. This sensor responds to ozone by measuring the current it generates in response to the change in electrical potential produced at the electrode. The detector measures the ozone concentration in ppm and has an easy-to-read backlight high resolution LCD display, alarm setting, time, temperature detection and calibration features.

Testing Ozone Levels: The Importance of Ozone Testers in Environmental Protection

This gas detector is available with four different heads that vary in measurement range and can be upgraded with additional sensors as your needs change. The ozone tester is also capable of detecting other gases by using a universal sensor head that is automatically recognized when plugged into the instrument. The ozone detector is designed with high selectivity, which is the ability of the sensor to reject interference from other gases and reassign the correct signal to the display. A good ozone tester should also have high sensitivity, which is the ability to detect a small amount of gas.

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