Magic Mushroom Dispensaries in Vancouver

The bright yellow awning at Zoomers might give the store Apple Store vibes, but don’t let the bright white walls fool you: this Yaletown shop has in-house nurses and a naturopath to help with any questions. The shop also has a “microdosing” section and carries psilocybin-infused teas, chocolates and gummies. Those looking for an actual mushroom can find them in glass displays, as well as entheogenic plants like coca leaves (in a vending machine) and kratom. There’s even a spring special on peyote and san pedro.

What color are mushrooms?

It’s against federal law to sell magic mushroom dispensaries in Vancouver containing psychoactive compounds such as psilocin, but dispensaries are popping up all over Vancouver. Some, like Dana Larsen, an author, businessman and drug reform activist, are even pushing for legalization.

Mushrooms have long been used as part of spiritual and religious ceremonies, with their potent effects helping users feel connected to ancestors and the natural world. But the drug’s intoxicating effects can have uncomfortable side-effects such as muscle twitches, nausea and increased heart rate.

Although the fungi aren’t considered harmful in small doses, the federal government classifies them as Schedule III drugs, meaning they can be illegal to buy and possess. And while the shops haven’t run afoul of law enforcement, they could face scrutiny if Health Canada takes issue with their practices. Therapsil’s Lewin says he’s confident that if the government did start investigating, these shops would fight back using the same playbook from the cannabis shops that fought against prohibition before it was legalized.

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