Lash Places to Mapping Your Eyes

When it comes to getting your mane perfectly coiffed at blow dry bars and your arches on fleek at brow bars, New York City girls are accustomed to pampering themselves with a wide range of beauty services. But one thing they may not always think to do is add more volume to their lashes. That’s where lash places come in: salons that specialize in creating gorgeous, full lashes that won’t fall or budge throughout the day.

When Lash places a salon for your eyelash extensions, it’s important to look for an establishment that uses the highest quality materials and is staffed by skilled estheticians. The best lash technicians take their time and are thorough, which is especially important when it comes to mapping your eyes.

Exploring Lash Places: Where to Find Quality Lash Services

The right lash style can make your eyes pop no matter what face shape you have or eye color you have. To help you decide what lash styles will work best for you, Courtney Buhler, celebrity lash expert and founder of Sugarlash Pro in Edmonton, Canada, and Clementina Richardson, celebrity lash expert and founder of Envious Lashes in New York City and Miami, teamed up to share their tips on determining what lash type is best for your eyes.

Buhler and Richardson suggest that people with round faces opt for a natural lash style to balance their cheekbones and jawline. They recommend choosing a dolly or soft curl and avoiding a tight, dramatic lash style that will make the face look smaller. Also, because round faces have close-set eyes, it’s a good idea to choose a lash mapping technique that will create the illusion of larger eyes.

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