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Invoicing solutions for small business

A lack of cash-flow is one of the leading causes of business failure. Fast, efficient, and effective invoicing can prevent this business blunder. While the business owner has multiple concerns and responsibilities, it is critical that invoices be sent out accurately and on time. This is not always easy, but fortunately, modern invoicing solutions for small business have made the process a breeze.
Given the importance of invoicing for the success of your small business, it is worth investing the time to find the right solution for your needs. There are several solutions to consider, as well as a range of features and benefits. Some offer a free service and others charge a fee. This is generally on a sliding scale, depending on volume, number of users, and specific features. The market is highly competitive, so prices are affordable for a small business.

Benefits of invoicing solutions

There are several factors to consider when selecting the solution for your business. Not all solutions have all of these features, so give some thought to your specific needs.
Here are some features to look out for:

• Automate accounting processes
• Processing and sending invoices
• Track payments received
• Track payments made
• Balance accounts
• Generate reports
• Send alerts
• Integration with CRM and other business systems
• Mobile-friendly

A good solution will improve cash flow, help manage costs and expenses, assist in forecasting and decision making, and enhance customer care. They will automate most of the necessary accounting processes and make transactions faster and more accurate.
You want the solution to be scalable and grow with your business. It also has to be flexible as the modern business environment is dynamic and continuously adapting. Online or cloud-based systems generally make this reasonably simple.

Leading invoicing solutions for small business

Here are a few of the top available options.

• Xero

Xero has a user-friendly interface and is highly customizable. It is cloud-based and extremely flexible. This also means that it is mobile-friendly. It will take the pain out of the majority of your financial transactions and deliver useful reports. Xero has a strong focus on security and data integrity.

• FreshBooks

This is a popular solution used by more than 5 million businesses. Although easy to use, this solution is powerful and has a lot to offer a small business. It integrates with a range of other platforms and makes invoicing and payments quick and easy. FreshBooks is mobile and offers robust reporting functionality as well as easy communication.

• Zoho

Zoho is user-friendly and easy to customize. Apart from invoicing, it will track time, help you track receivables and improve communication. It will not take you long to get going and will help you manage your small business finances with minimal time and effort. It can operate in multiple languages/currencies and is highly affordable. These are just a few of the many invoicing solutions available. There are many more quality options depending on your needs.

Final thoughts

The key is to evaluate your business needs now and for the future. Then compare those needs with the options available to find the best for you and your business. A good invoicing solution will help you manage invoice and other financial functions effectively and efficiently.

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