How to Write a Sports News Article

Sports News

Sports News is a type of journalism that reports on events in the world of sports. It is a common form of news reporting that can be seen on TV, radio, in newspapers or magazines, as well as online.Learn

Sports news stories are meant to capture the interest of audiences with their vivid descriptions and emotional components. Often, readers will already know key pieces of information, such as who won a game or why a star player left their team, but a good article will offer clear description and appeal to the reader’s emotions.

From Amateur to Pro: Inspiring Stories of Rising Sports Stars

One important aspect of writing a Sports News story is to transport the reader to the venue of the event being reported on. This can be done by highlighting the sights and sounds of the venue as well as the emotions of the players and fans. It is also important to use accurate quotes in the article and to avoid using jargon that will confuse the audience.

Historically, some of the best sports writers have been journalists of other genres who have turned to writing about sports, including Peter Wilson of the Daily Mirror and Hugh McIlvanney (first at The Observer then at The Times), and Brian Glanville (of the Mail on Sunday and five-time winner of the Sports Writer of the Year award). Increasingly, however, the rise of internet blogging and tweeting has allowed more individuals to break into the field. This has led to the creation of independent online sports blogs and websites such as BenchWarmers, Empire of the Kop, & caughtoffside.

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