How to Manage Your Time Properly as a Business Owner

Time is a resource that can be far more important than money.

Once time is spent, there’s no recovering it, something business owners know all too well. Appreciating the precious nature of time while cherishing each and every working hour is a great way to unlock your true working potential. However, this is easier said than done. Poor time management is arguably the biggest productivity killer in the business world.

So how exactly should you go about managing your time more effectively?

Here are three simple tips for managing your time like a true boss!

Utilize Apps

Today’s technological working world is rapidly expanding, evolving to incorporate new software and other modern working measures for accomplishing goals quicker. Your smartphone can easily be converted into the ultimate business tool.

There are countless apps at our disposal which can be leveraged to make life easier, whether used to delegate tasks or schedule workflows.

When you’re able to effortlessly prioritize tasks, set reminders, create a suitable to-do list and so much more, you can automate processes which would otherwise monopolize your time. Consider apps like Evernote, Wunderlist, or Pocket. You’re sure to find whatever you need if you do a little research based on your specific requirements.

Automating certain tasks will allow you the time necessary to focus on core competencies.

Plan Ahead

Though you can’t always prevent negative outcomes, there are certainly measures you can take to mitigate future risks.

Working with no rhyme or reason can be chaotic, but this can be overcome with proper planning.

Introducing structure in the work environment will prevent you from getting overwhelmed. Planning ahead involves setting a combination of small and large goals. Smaller goals are great because they’ll keep you incentivized, especially as you begin to appreciate you’re en route to reaching an overarching objective.

Set just five realistically attainable goals per week, focusing on achieving one per day. When you notice measurable progress toward larger initiatives, you’ll be motivated to continue working in the same vein.


You’ve probably heard of the saying ‘if you want something done right, do it yourself.’ This doesn’t exactly work for business owners unless of course, you’re interested in running yourself into the ground.

There simply isn’t enough time in the day to do everything yourself. Delegation isn’t just beneficial, it’s mandatory to achieve greatness. However, you need to ask yourself: what tasks should you hand over to other staff?

Well, a great starting point is to pinpoint the tasks you procrastinate over most. This approach is simple but will help you offload tasks which frustrate you. Chances are, you’ll increase company productivity by focusing on your strengths. Remember to delegate your work to competent staff, those who are capable of completing a certain task to the requisite standard.

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