How To Automate Tasks For Your Small Business

One constant of owning your own business is that it always turns out to be way more work than you expected it to be. Being in business for yourself means being your own accountant, secretary, marketer, janitor… the list goes on forever. The smartest strategy is to automate as many tasks as possible. Here is a selection of handy resources which may prove useful in various aspects of your business model.


Zapier is an online, automated tool which performs regularly scheduled tasks on your set-up. It has tiered pricing ranging from free to budget pricing for large-scale jobs. Zapier automates interactions between apps, such as backing up your Google drive, saving Gmail attachments, pinging Twitter whenever your blog publishes, and other small tasks. Zapier allows team accounts.


IFTTT is another automation suite similar to Zapier. The difference is that IFTTT allows for more tasks to be set up on its free account, but at the same time only allows a sole proprietor account. Still, for any small business owner, most automation needs are administrative and single-purpose. Integrated apps include Alexa, OK-Google, Fitbit, email services, Wyze, Salesforce, and much more.


ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation platform. It supports email marketing, social media interaction, and customer relationship management. It is priced fairly for the small business owner with tiered services for any sized business plan.


Leadformly is the closest thing you can get to an automated sales assistant on a budget. It sets up a sales form procedure on the customer end, allowing them to place an order automatically, or find their way to the part of your website that will assist them in purchasing.


Every modern business needs an online component of some form or another, and Hootsuite is a social media manager that takes care of your SMM for you. You can set up schedules for all the social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. Just load the buffers with your content and it will schedule social media blasts any time of day.


Xero is an automated accounting application. While it will never replace an actual accountant, it handles cash flow management, invoicing, accounts payable and receivable, and more. For a very reasonable price for a starter account, this software packs in a lot of features.


Another social media management platform like Hootsuite, RecurPost sets itself apart by having a free option. It is only for one login with three social media accounts, but this is still far better than posting to the top three social networks manually.


A scheduling app is the one service that any business of any size needs the most, but it’s also difficult to find the one that best meets the balance between overhead and utility. Calendly is the one most recommended for small business start-ups. It handles scheduling for meetings, appointments, and other events, and is compatible with a wide range of services including Zapier, Salesforce, Google, iCloud, and more. It also has rock-bottom pricing, even having a free option for single users.

Business keeps you busy but hopefully, with these tools, you’ll be able to offload trivial tasks to automation and make more time to focus on growing your business.

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