7 Tips To Achieve Digital Marketing Success for Your Online Business

The unabated, overwhelming storm of online information can make it taxing for a business to make its content stand apart from its rivals.

The digital world is evolving at a rapid pace and digital marketing has, undoubtedly, become the lifeblood of a progressive business. However, the modern customers have the attention span of a gnat. Getting your business noticed by them in such a scenario is no piece of cake.

Wondering how can you equip yourself for the digital battle? What can help you gain traction and improve your digital sales funnel?

For starters, it is important to be familiar with the fact that digital marketing is a double-edged sword. If done wrong, it can break your business.

By getting off on the right foot and bearing certain important strategic aspects in mind, you can create a digital marketing strategy that can work wonders for your business.

There’s a lot more to digital marketing than Facebook ads and social media blasts.

Read on to find out how you can achieve digital marketing success. The below-mentioned tips and tricks can help you in your digital marketing endeavors.

#1 Brilliant Content Takes the Cake

Make sure that your digital content resonates clearly with your target audience. Brilliant content is central to online success.

Here are a few tips that can help you create excellent digital content:

  • Make sure to have an in-depth understanding of your audience in order to create relevant content.
  • Don’t follow trends blindly. Embrace new approaches and fresh ideas.
  • Try to create an emotional connection between your brand and your audience.

At present, video content marketing is in vogue. Make sure to use videos as a part of your content strategy. Whether it’s a huge tech firm such as Moz or small mom-and-pop stores, brands are trying to make the most of video marketing.

According to a study by the Web Video Marketing Council, 96% of B2B marketers are using videos in their content strategy.

Videos help businesses entertain and engage their audiences through visuals, colors, sounds, and music. More importantly, videos aid in humanizing a business, thereby building brand loyalty and trust.

#2 Leverage Social Media Advertising

Social media marketing is witnessing a meteoric rise. In fact, according to Interpublic Group’s Magna Global, digital-ad spending is expected to overtake TV as the biggest advertising platform by the end of 2020. According to eMarketer’s prophecy, social network-ad spending will reach $35.98 billion in 2020, which will make up 16% of the total global digital ad spend.

Social advertising holds a prominent place in the current digital scenario and it can help you improve your conversion rates significantly. You want to leverage social media presence to achieve maximum traction. Here’s how you can go about it:

  • First and foremost, decide on the social platforms that are best for honing in on your target audience and then work on building the presence in those areas.
  • Twitter Lead Generation ads and Facebook Clicks to Website ads with call-to-action buttons can work wonders for your business.
  • Test your posts organically as they will help you boost your performance.

#3 Add Value to Your Emails

According to Econsultancy’s Email Marketing Industry Census 2014 sponsored by Adestra, email marketing remains the best digital channel for ROI. Make sure to use the opportunities presented by this channel effectively.

Email marketing gives you the chance to reach your target audience by delivering targeted and exclusive content.

According to the Email Benchmark Survey conducted in 2018 by MarketingSherpa, 67% of marketers say that delivering highly relevant content is a strategic goal their organization wants to achieve through email marketing.

Here are a few tips that can help you enhance your emails:

  • Batch-and-blast emails are a strict no-no. Assess you current data and send relevant information that is built around your targeted customer.
  • Inject personalized recommendations in your marketing emails for the ultimate one-to-one communication. Doing so can increase sales conversion rates by 15-25%, and click-through rates by 25-35%.
  • Seek permission from your customer before sending email marketing messages.
  • Make sure to spread the word about your offers and deals via your emails.

#4 Invest in Organic SEO

Optimizing your website for SEO is the order of the day. While you may have doubts about the effectiveness of SEO in today’s times, know that organic SEO is far from dead.

According to Joshua Guerra, CEO of marketing firm BIZCOR, as long as you are focusing on optimal user experience while performing methodical SEO strategies, you will be rewarded with higher positioning and organic traffic.

It is important to understand that in the absence of organic SEO, your target audience will have a hard time finding your company online and may eventually turn to your competitors. Moreover, compared to the costs associated with other forms of online marketing such as PPC advertising, social media marketing, or purchasing leads for an email marketing program, SEO provides fairly good ROI.

SEO leads have an average close rate of 14.6%. It’s important to optimise your website for SEO with the right keywords and on-page elements, and combine it with a strong back-linking strategy.

#5 Make the Most of Paid Digital Marketing

Paid advertising is here to stay. So, make sure that you add it in your digital marketing arsenal.

Google AdWords is the most popular platform for paid-search marketing. Apart from that, you can also make use of other methods such as social media paid advertising, display advertising and video advertising to get sponsored advertising for your website.

Paid search marketing can work extremely well for your business if done right. Here are a few tips that can help you with it:

  • Opt for long-tail keywords.
  • Use Google Analytics to track the overall performance of your advertising.
  • Keep refining your ad campaigns constantly by reviewing results regularly through A/B testing.

#6 Build a Robust Mobile Marketing Strategy

Aren’t we all too familiar with the tremendous growth that mobile marketing has achieved since 2012?

According to eMarketer, the number of smartphone users will surpass 4 billion worldwide in 2021. You need to be well-equipped in order to take advantage of the changing smartphone landscape. In fact, Google’s recent algorithm change that forced SEOs to optimize websites for mobile devices has made it clear that mobile marketing will remain on the forefront.

You will be able to make the most of mobile advertising by building a robust mobile marketing strategy. Your website should be easily available and shareable via smartphone as it is downright crucial for business success.

Here are a few tips that can help you maximize your mobile marketing strategy:

  • Use appropriate keyword phrases.
  • Include sales and special offers in your mobile website to boost your response rates.
  • Make sure that your website is compatible with all mobile devices.
  • Share content that is highly relevant, targeted, and more importantly, personalized.

#7 Build Customer Loyalty through Podcasts

While creating podcasts for your business may seem like a bit of a stretch, it might work great for your business. Podcasts are, in fact, the new in thing.

According to a research conducted by Edison Research, approximately 46 million Americans listen to podcasts monthly, and the average listener listens to six a week. Creating podcasts may require you to invest significant amount of time and effort, but they can go a long way in building your brand and winning over customers.

Follow the below-mentioned tips to launch successful podcasts:

  • Choose the topic for your podcast with your target audience in mind.
  • Focus on creating authentic content.
  • Choose appropriate format and structure to ensure that there is a right balance throughout your podcast content.


The buying experience has shifted from the physical world to the virtual one, and the credit for this goes to the Internet. The digital marketing space will continue to grow and innovate further. Your business should have a brilliant digital marketing strategy in place. Keeping up with industry trends may seem like a pain. But, you simply cannot afford to miss out on the wide array of opportunities presented by digital marketing. Brilliant marketing cannot happen just like that. It will require you to invest substantial time in researching about the best platforms for your business and working on the most suitable strategies. By mastering this arena, you will be able to diversify your lead generation tremendously. The aforementioned tips can help you stay ahead of the digital curve and outshine your competition.

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