Sewer Pipe Excavation – How Plumbing and Excavation Contractors Work Together

Many homeowners look at their homes as if they are an island, but the truth is that power, water, sewage and more are piped in from outside. When these pipes break, needing repairs or new installs can be a hassle. This article focuses on sewer line excavation and how plumbing and excavation contractors can work together to get the job done effectively.Check out :

What are the activities of excavation?

Before any digging begins, the team will first need to locate all underground utilities with a specialized tool called a utility locator. This is a mandatory step to ensure that the crew doesn’t dig in the wrong location and accidentally damage the line. After the location is known, the team will begin digging a trench that will expose the sewer line. Once the line is exposed, the plumber can use a variety of methods to clean it out or repair it if needed.

The trench may need to be dug as deep as the frost line which is typically around 4 feet below ground in cold climates. It is also important that the trench is deep enough to allow for the installation of a new pipe.

Once the trench has been dug, the team will need to prepare it for the new piping to be installed. This includes removing any roots that are hanging over the pipe and adding back in topsoil to prevent erosion. This is also the time when any landscaping that will be disturbed will need to be moved.

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