Colored Contacts

Colored Contacts are contact lenses that have a dye embedded in the lens material. They can be worn without corrective lenses, or with them for fashion or theatrical purposes. They are also known as cosmetic, novelty, special effect or Halloween contacts. Colored contacts are regulated by the FDA as medical devices and should only be purchased from retailers that require a valid contact lens prescription, and adhere to proper care and cleaning directions.

Colored contact lenses can have a number of pros and cons, depending on the individual user. Pros include the ability to change eye color for aesthetic reasons and the fact that many lenses are available in various prescription strengths and modalities. Cons might include higher costs and a trial-and-error process in achieving desired effects.

Eyes of the Night: Halloween Eye Contacts to Mesmerize

It is important to note that wearing colored contact lenses may affect your vision, even if you wear them correctly and without corrective lenses. This is because the colored part of the lens slides over your pupil and can temporarily obscure your sight. This does not typically occur with high-quality, professionally prescribed lenses.

When selecting the right color contacts for your eyes, consider your natural eye color and skin tone. For example, dark brown eyes will look best with shades that match or complement the iris hue. You should also pay attention to the lighting in which you are testing your lenses. A bright light can make your eyes appear white, while a dim light can make them appear darker.

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